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Why are Chinese/American Institutions better than Indian

These are my personal views from my true experience..ANd many others have validated the their own ways...

First, I actually thought that this was some kind of game that western countries are playing with us to show their supremacy. However, since 2008, this has completely changed. The indian institutions are pathetic sometimes, with me personally being aware of students, without classes, facilities, privacy and ethical standards of working.

We all think of IIT-Bombay as the best in INdia , but it is nowhere in the top 100 institutions. The reasons are obvious..
I worked there for 1 year in 3 different labs and I literally had a terrible time working there..Research is almost absent..The work mostly is copycat stuff..They can copy anything from your thinking to work to even your dressing sense..This is one of the most pathetic experiences that I have had till date..
One of the students said that 'There is only glamor here. NOthing else'. To some extent,this is true. Why dont they come out of their self-obsessed pride and put it in the thrashcans? Have a look at the CHinese and learn how they have improved..Sometimes I think that people there are scared of them ( may not be true)

Good brains dont need an IIT tag, they will shine anywhere they are..The government is trying to show how much it is doing for the country and these are poster boys for them..Why is IISc or ISB not considered ?

I will not go there again even for a million dollars.. I had a terrible time professionally ,personally and mentally. IN my research career, I have published and improved in my work continuously but this went in the downward trend in IIIT-Bombay..Pathetic environment, copycat gold-diggers and shabby work ethics. I really despise this place..

Yes, IIT Bombay has some good faculty and students, especially at the BE/BTech level..However, this is true for all other institutions..Only thing is that this institute has gained some glamor over time..

How many nobel laureates have come up from China? How many industrialists and thinkers are in top unversities in the best places..You get one good story of success ,that too of people who work mostly outside, and then go ahead to claim it..

I still do my work outside IIT-Bombay and my profile is much better than some of those working there.

So please,, wake up and look at those who are sitting above you in this field..

By Bye Copycats , NaySayers and Gold-DIggers..I am going to fulfill my dream, no matter how many such ###^%%&& come in my way..

NO wonder the level of indian brains is going down, the food,environment,thinking is so down from yerteryears.NO Raman(s),Bose(s) in site..

People there told me to persue work in that institute.."What is wrong here and what is missing here that you will get elsewhere"..Yeah, right - you are all done mister..I think my experiences are enough evidence..I am not the only one with this negative feedback..

You dont deserve to be in the top university list, in such states, anywhere...

Wake up and goodbye IIT-Bombay..I have mety much better scientists in India who do ten times better work than you, in a better way - the right way..

In my opinion, Chinese are the best right now and sit besides the Americans in their work in this field and I sincerely admire them as a nation for this..It is not easy to get expertise in this field...

Jitesh Dundas

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Inconvenient Truth about research

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I would like to inform you some important aspects of my profile which you may not find in my application or anywhere. However, I strongly believe that these points play an important role in the research work that one does and also in the building of a person's personality as well as character.
I am a very honest person and I have done all my work independently with minimum supervision. I continue to do so at present in the same manner. I have had to work extra hard for the little success that I have had till now, but I stand by my principles and integrity, which play an important role in a researcher's career.

I hope you will look at my blog and appreciate the boldness and originality of my thoughts, something that esteemed professors and experts look for in applicants.

1) This has happened and also come in papers for one of the sister institutions. university question papers were leaked ( Sorry I cannot reveal the names to anynomous people). I saw question papers and answer sheets being exchanged in my room. I felt very dissapointed and dejected. I had taken an education loan (which was dependent on my performance each semester) for persuing this degree, and worked very hard for my studies. Still, I decided to do the right thing and didnt copy a single word. I could easily have copied and got better marks, but that would be unethical and cheating myself as well as other students who might have sincerely studied for their exams. I DID THE RIGHT THING THE RIGHT WAY AND WROTE ALL THE EXAMS HONSELTY. I STOOD IN TOP 5 STUDENTS EVEN AFTER SUCH EVENTS CONSISTENTLY. THIS WAS NOT EASY AS I COULD HAVE ACCESS TO THE QUESTION PAPERS 1 DAY BEFORE THE EXAMS. I SAID NO TO THIS AND MADE MY CHOICE. THE TOPPER HAS 66.67% WHILE I HAVE 65.04% EVEN IN THIS CONDITION.

I am confident that my hard work, ab initio efforts and original thinking will surely help you judge me on my merits.

2) Some of the people in one of the organizations that I worked ( I cannot mention the names and ranks) are involved in unethical and wrong things in their work. This place is regarded as one of the best engineering institutions in India(look at my Cv and this should answer the question). I have seen myself some get involved in low level of standard research practices like copying the methods of other researchers, cooking up data and even students copy-paste the research paper content in their work. I have seen data being collected about meritious students and then their actions and thinking being interpreted from this data. Unfortnatedly, this was a place where I wanted to do my B.Eng. in my high school days. This place was like a dream and all this just broke my heart. I tried getting out of this institution as such actions from eminent people does not suit the image that they potray on their websites.

Again, I have always done the right thing. I am originial in my work. I have initiated independent projects and published them honestly on my own.

It is very difficult and disheartening to see such things, but again I am happy that I stood for the right things in my work. I learn the art of research on my own and have done all things from scratch without any guidance. I continue to do so and hope you will give me an opportunity to persue my doctoral work under your guidance.

I hope you all do not get involved in such things after reading this blog. If you do and are an indian citizen, then you have just brought the level of research to a new low. People in this instituion talk about competing with the best brain in R & D such as China and US. Well, if you do such pathetic things, please do not expect people like me to work in such places. Now you know why the best is the best.

I will not entertain any discussions on this topic as that could affect the careers of some of my friends. This is about me and my work and science.

Sorry for being so rude, but facts dont change based on popular notion.

I am always open to suggestions and new research articles. Drop me an email with the details and we could discuss a lot. :)